The Whiskey Wedge
The Whiskey Wedge
The Whiskey Wedge
The Whiskey Wedge

The Whiskey Wedge

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“I never have more than one drink before dinner. But I do like that one to be large and very strong and very cold, and very well made. I hate small portions of anything, particularly when they taste bad.”
-The Agent

The Whiskey Wedge is a handy little tool, letting you have your favourite drink large & cold, without compromising on flavour or style. The Wedge creates a perfect slab of ice diagonally in your glass. Due to the size and shape of the slab, you’ll be able to leisurely sip on your whiskey / bourbon / scotch, taking your time slow, cool as ice.

With The Whiskey Wedge, you’ll forget the last time your spirits got watered down due to regular ice cubes melting too quickly.
The overall visual appeal of a cold spirit served so neatly is simply worth the effort.

✅Perfect diagonal slab of ice, chilling your spirit without watering it down
✅Each Whiskey Wedge comes in a gift-ready packaging, with a high-quality double old fashioned  glass with a modern twist
✅Regal visual appeal entices a neat fiery sensation of a simply and neatly made drink, driven to perfection with patient dedication to details
✅A certain conversation piece, enjoy your drinks to the last drop

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You might want to check out some of our lovely customer reviews here, or have a look at our size guide here.😉

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