Magnetic Decision Maker
Magnetic Decision Maker
Magnetic Decision Maker

Magnetic Decision Maker

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This unique anti-stress gadget lets you play around with decisions that would normally stress you out. Alternatively, you can just let it take over completely, but make sure you pose a YES / NO question. Otherwise it’ll get confused. There are only several possible answers to any question that’s been bugging you. The Magnetic Decision Maker has got them all. Just swing the Decision Ball and let the forces of nature decide. That’s the definition of going with the flow. As Bruce Lee once said: ‘’Be like water, my friend, be like water.’’. The previous quotation was then later masterfully elaborated by the ingenious Homer Simpson: “Spider Pig! Does whatever a Spider Pig does!”.

➡️Here’s what the magnetic forces might have in store for you:
✔️Yes. Of course, there is a yes. Say it: YES!!!
✔️No way. How could you even ask?
✔️Maybe. Whateva.
✔️Definitely. Positively. Living freely.
✔️Try again. There must’ve been some magnetic interference…
✔️Ask a friend. They’ll be expecting you shortly.

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