Goat Horn Coffee Mug
Goat Horn Coffee Mug
Goat Horn Coffee Mug
Goat Horn Coffee Mug
Goat Horn Coffee Mug
Goat Horn Coffee Mug
Goat Horn Coffee Mug
Goat Horn Coffee Mug

Goat Horn Coffee Mug

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Aesthetically, this extraordinary coffee mug is one of the most visually appealing yet simultaneously surprising accessories we’ve ever seen. It’s so retro it goes back hundreds of years, perhaps thousands, without even overdoing it. Ladies and gentlemen, restless coffee aficionados, THE GOAT HORN COFFEE MUG. It’ll pierce right through your morning fatigue and those dreamy slumbers during busy workweek afternoons, allowing for a steady stream of quality coffee to awaken your senses and get you going THE OLD WAY.
The Goat Horn comes with two faux leather straps - one for the wrist and the other for the shoulder, letting you carry it however you want. Another faux leather part is the special holder, which easily turns into a stand for your Mug. 100% Leak Proof, The Goat Horn Mug won’t ever make a mess even if it rolls over - guess you could say it’s just playing dead. Dishwasher safe (without the leather attached, naturally) and easy to rinse by hand, it doesn’t take much to keep your Goat Horn in good shape. Additionally, the Goat Mug is easy to open single-handedly, letting you sip on your coffee leisurely and with style. 100% BPA-free, the Mug is safe for your body. It’s not even necessary mentioning that it works as a thermostat. Of course it does.

✅One wrist strap and one shoulder strap. Easy to carry around.
✅Comes with a holder that turns into a stand. And looks incredible.
✅You can’t spill it. Go ahead, try. See what happens!
✅Dishwasher safe. Just remove the leather parts.
✅Very rinsable and easily cleanable.
✅Single-handed laidback stylish opening!
✅100% BPA-free.
✅Keeps your coffee warm, obviously.
✅100% forever free global shipping!

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